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Welcome to the New Blog

With many of my fellow pipe makers exploring the Blog world, Jennifer and I thought we would give it a go. First let me say that I welcome and actually would very much like your input on pipe and tobacco related thoughts and articles. I can write a book on my political views, but all that would do is strengthen my relationships with some and weaken with others, so I would keep to pipes and tobacco and the wonderful art of pipe making. I will also add some interesting stories about our pipe world that were published in a variety of old magazines and books that I have been collecting for a number of years.


I have been spending a lot of time in my workshop preparing for the Chicago Show, which is approaching rapidly, at least in the time frame of creating new pipes.

I have some images of new pipes that are completed or nearing completion that will accompany me to Chicago. All of these pipes are available for pre-reserve or purchase by contacting me by email or phone. Those of you that would be attending, I look forward to seeing you there.






I can’t hardly start this new blog venture without mentioning the beautiful work that my wife Jennifer is working on. She is working on a few beautifully sculptured clear acrylic pipe rests that are uniquely one of a kind. She is also in the finishing stages on a joint venture with me on a spectacular artistically carved work of art pipe. I have some sneak preview images for you to see.

Jennie & Emmy

Ah to blog…. For the last few days I have been working on a pipe, rest, and tamper for the Chicago show. It is amazing how much time can be consumed working simple details to perfection. As an artist you have an idea of how a piece should look in your head. Often between the image in your mind, and what the materials dictate, the end result can be much different. I have found that some of my best work has come from an unruly piece of wood. For those of you who carve pipes, you know what I mean. This is the block that happens to be just the right size but the minute you get into it there is this huge heartbreaking flaw. For me this at times has been a blessing.

A flaw can be used to create a far more interesting shape. It causes me to change the direction of my carving. Letting the medium talk to me. Jon and I worked on the pipe that will grace the stand I am working on now. The block from whence it came was not spectacular, but it had promise. A flaw in the bottom of this elephantine block caused me to re-think the direction of the tail.

The pipe is a joint venture, Jon drilled the block and stem work, and then it was up to me. What I drew out on the block, was great in 2 dimensions. Then it got fun. This Pipe became a mermaid before my very eyes! The stand on which it rests is starting to become a crystal clear wave that will echo the pipe. What the tamper will be, is yet to be discovered. I am presently working on the fit of pipe to stand. The pipe must fit the stand as if they where cut from the same material. Easier said than done. It has taken hours to get the fit just right. As this is still a work in progress, I will keep readers updated to new developments.

I have read that there is a re-birth of new young pipe smokers, it is my hope that along with other new blogs and help from my follow pipe smokers and collectors, that we can fuel this growth with intelligent, interesting articles. So please join me, I look forward to your help and input.

Jon & Jennifer Rinaldi

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