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Back from Chicago 09′

Just returned from another GREAT Chicagoland Pipe Show 2009.

Good crowds filtered through the aisles as Jennifer and I visit with old friends and met new ones.  We didn’t know what to expect in light of bad new around every corner, but we keep a more positive attitude but focusing on the 92% that are employed.

Jennifer and I did quite well; we were very pleased with our sales and a few new commissions we received.  In speaking to others it seems as though they didn’t do so bad also. I think when Frank Burla comes out with the attendance, I think it will be on the positive side; anyway it appeared that way to me. We will wait and see.

Here are some pictures of friends:


Her I am with Lasse Skovgaard, what can I say about Lasse that hasn’t be said before.  He is a master craftsman; he certainly ranks among the best of the Danish artisans.  His work is fabulous. He has given me some very helpful tips and took the time to help pick out some top grade Italian briar blocks. 



Her I am with my friend Michael Parks, I rank Michael amongst the top North American Artist.  His work was show cast this year and soon you will see why.  He did a series “Lord of the Rings” the most spectacular pipes you can envision. They were crafted for John Tolle  of the NASPC.  




Don and Mitzi Kesling are dear friend, Don is working on a new web site  (Kesling Pipes) that should be up and running shortly.  Don’s work is very imaginative; his pipes have interesting lines and curves and are very colorful. 




This is my friend and fellow pipe maker, Al Perkowski,of  “Creative Briar Pipes”Al and his wife Cheryl are terrific folks, we were disappointed the Cheryl couldn’t make it this year; they have an older dog that is not doing well.  Al makes some very interesting pipes with the use of antler. I have a high respect for his work.



This is Olie Syvester, the creator of “” he is with his friend Clint. Olie has one of the most interesting blogs you will ever see .. or in this case hear.  It is a blog of pod cast of many pipe artistisens and other interesting people in our pipe world.  Go to his site, I promise you will be trap from then on

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