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Chicago Preview 2010

“A few weeks left to go and counting”

Busy, Busy, Busy, is our mantra this time of year; Jennifer and I have been working extra hours in our shop preparing for the Chicago Show May 1st and 2nd.  We are very grateful that we are so busy with custom work and adding to our inventory of pipes and stand for the show.  Here are six completed pipes for the show; I have another six at various stages of completion.

If any one is interested in purchasing any of these pipes prior to the show, please contact me via email or call for more images, specs, and price.  Pipes will be mailed out on my return from the show.


Hadley Scott’s pipe and stand were designed to incorporate his Scottish heritage, yet still be functional.  The pipe was made large enough for him to hold on his lap while smoking.  It is adorned with the Scott family crest and sword, as well as the thistle, another Scottish symbol.  I designed the stem of the pipe to look like the stem of a bagpipe. We even ordered an authentic bagpipe tassel to hang from the top of the stem.  The shank is in two parts and it is drilled with a larger airway so it will have an easy draw for an 18” shank.


Jennifer has been working on Hadley’s pipe stand. The stags’ head is carved out of a solid piece of cedar.  Jen’s stand had to be large enough to hold such a large pipe.  The very center of the cedar block is the very center of the stand.  The block was chosen because of its rich red hue and nice ring pattern.  I also inserted deer horn, both on the back of the neck, and on the bottom, which the pipe sits.  The whole set is really a sight to see.


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