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Our Newly Designed Web Site

If you are reading this Blog you have taken a look at our “Newly Designed” Web Site.  I hope you like what you see.  After weeks of work Jennifer and I couldn’t be more pleased with the completed site.  The major addition is, the Video Presentations of my pipes and Jennifer’s Pipe Stands. I have gotten many nice comments that the videos give an excellent prospective of the size of the pipe in ones hands, that sure is a plus, and is hard to get from still images.  However, I also have images to view, so now you can truly see all dimensions. So I say to you, there is no excuse not to buy a pipe:)

I couldn’t recommend more highly BDesigner,

Bandon is a young man that takes his work seriously.  He is easy to work with (he listens) he has a creativeness in design second to none, and works fast and efficiently. If you are thinking of a web face left or a completely new site please give Brandon a call, I promise you will not be sorry.

Please click on the YouTube button at the bottom of the page to view the many videos, it is a good chance to view some new pipes, and stands that have not been posted for sale on the web site or that will be accompanying me to pipe shows.  Not all of them are sold so if you see a pipe or two you might be interested in please email me, I will let you know if it is available, if it is I will send you the specs and price. While looking at the videos in YouTube please subscribe, this way as I post a new video it will automatically be sent to you to view.

Best Regards,


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