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Carving of a Double Pipe Stand in Highly Figured Black Walnut

I am so proud of my wife Jennifer’s carving skills, she is half way to the completion of an absolutely beautifully carved floral pipe stand for one of her clients in California.


This commissioned stand has been a work in progress for most of the summer.  In the earlier pictures, you can see I started out with hand chisels and a mallet.  I needed to begin slowly to allow this burl to dry and season properly.


In these pictures the rough out is nearly complete on the right and left sides. Just some minor flourishes to finish. Then on to front and back. This stand will accommodate two pipes. One Rhodesian, and one straight pipe.

I am finding that black walnut is quite a lovely wood to carve. I always look forward to working on this piece even though it has been a real challenge. The right and left side must be symmetrical, while the front and back will be different. I will let the curves define the balance of the front and back. I hope to have one end resemble a fiddlehead. Hope to be in the finishing stages soon.


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