Archives for November 2011

My First “Stallion” Grade Pipe

This is one of the most magnificent blocks of briar I ever carved. This brandy shape have a beautiful Straight grain completely around the bowl and on both sides of the shank. A special pipe in deed.

How Sweet It Is

After countless weeks of carving with chisels, the power tools, then small gouges, the baby has been born!

American Black Walnut it a very special wood that requires a certain feel for when the media is ready to carve, and when it needs to rest. This block had been aged, but as I carved, it let me know when it was getting to moist, and needed to rest. Like a young horse, it could only absorb so much new information in a day. At times this was frustrating, I wanted to continue, but knew if I did, all would be lost in a crack or warp.

When the carving was complete, I let the piece sit for a few days, and then began sanding. I sanded for 6 days, Sunday I rested! Curves like that require patience. With the help of God and great sandpaper, I completed sanding this week. I almost feel as though I have gone through Lent! Thanks to Jon the finishing was quite enjoyable. This commission was a challenge that taught me to persevere. I enjoy these commissioned pieces, and miss them when the go off to their new homes.

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