jon-rinaldiAs I write this, I look back to 2004 when I made my first pipe. That first pipe really got me hooked on the process and the pipe world in general. I am mostly self-taught and greatly appreciate the few accomplished pipe makers that helped me along the way. I very much enjoy making pipes, to me it is a wonderful way to use ones mechanical skills along with one’s creative skills. Today, I elect not to make as many pipes a year as I use to, I have cut down the number of retail stores and currently my only dealer is Iwan Ries in Chicago. I mostly focus my work on custom orders and selling to my newsletter subscribers. The majority of my pipe making today are custom orders; to me there is no greater sense of creative achievement than to communicate one on one with a customer to achieve the exact pipe that pleases both my customer and my self. After years of attending five or six pipe shows yearly, I have slowed down, and now might attend one or two. I very much enjoy the West Coast Show, It is the closest and is a successful venue for me, plus I can drive there. I have met many interesting pipe enthusiasts along the way, and keep then up to date through my monthly newsletter on my newest available pipes.

I am totally committed to maintaining the highest standard, and will continually working to achieve the highest quality of smoking pipes I am capable of making.


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