Back from Chicago 2010

All I can say is this 2010 show was the best, they are all great shows but this one was the anniversary show and the last one for Frank Burla.  They had a terrific party in the tent that went on to the wee hours.  Jen and I were amazed to see how great a dance Teddy Knudsen is, he was incredible. We got to talk with a few of our customer and got to meet many new folks.

We had a wonderful Italian dinner in St. Charles with Todd Johnson and his lovely wife Rachel along with Bruce Weaver and his soon to be bride Cindy.  I have a picture of us in unbelievable 20 ft. limo they sent.  It was very cool, we called for a taxi, we certainly didn’t expect this limo, it felt as though we were at a disco.

Here are a few picture, hope you enjoy them.

Cindy, Bruce Weaver, Jennifer and Rachel, Todd's wife

My handsome self with Brad Pohlman

Lasse Skovgaard holding one of his spectacular pipes

Lasse's beauty only $2,600.00

In the limo, Todd and Rachel,Bruce and Cindy and my terrific wife Jennifer

Jennifer and Cindy

Handley Scott with his new "Clan Pipe"

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