Back From the West Coast Pipe Show

A great first year success, Marty and Steve did a great job in organizing the show.

What a wonderful place to have a show!  We congratulate both of them.

All tables were sold out and many of the top pipe makers were there, and from what I hear all were pleased with there sales.

Jennifer and I had a great time; we spent quality time with Todd Johnson, Bruce Weaver, Steve Morrisette, Michael Lindner and many more.  I strongly feel that next year will be an even bigger success.  So, when the dates are posted for 2010, make your reservations.  For those of you have never been to Vegas, you are in for a treat.  There are more shows than one can see in the few days allotted for the show.  If your love is fine food, then you are in luck!  Whatever your fancy, you can find it here!  I enjoyed the absolutely magnificent architecture.  Where else in North America can you see a pyramid?

Jennifer and I were pleased with our sales; here are a few of the pipes that sold along with a pipe stand that Jennifer made.



We thank you all for your support.

Jon and JenP1000621
Jennifer stand

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