Carving the Old Fashion Way

Here I am beginning a commission for a favorite collector of my stands.The stand will be acanthus leaveswrapping around two pipes.The pipes will be a straight and a Rhodesian.The wood is a spectacular piece of black walnut.

This piece of black walnut is highly figured, and about as hard as any wood I have ever carved. Our neighbor who is a contractor, made the original cuts with his industrial saw. His power saw had a rough time squaring this block up for me. This made me re-think how to begin carving this monster. Power tools will be used to do some of the detail, but the rough out must be done the old fashioned way, with a chisel & mallet.


After a few hours in 100-degree heat, I can appreciate the work that centuries old craftsmen went through to make the magnificent embellishments that grace furniture and homes of old. At hour two, I began to feel my stride.The rhythm came back, and the chips began to fly.

By the end of the weekend I expect to have my rough shape ready to carve with finer tools. Stay Tuned…………….





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