A Little Pipe Of Horrors

A voice “not unlike God’s” recalls a time when the human race “suddenly encountered a deadly threat to its very existence”. The co- carvers at Mushnik’s Florists/Pipe Shoppe, a flower shop/tobacco establishment owned and operated by the cranky Mr. Mushnik, AKA Jon Rinaldi, have recently created a mysterious pipe that looks like a large venus flytrap. Carved and blasted with a very custom bit of acrylic, it needs the finest tobacco to thrive. Do your part in saving the world, buy this pipe and feed it! I can hear it calling now…….“Feed me Seymour!”

$315.00 PayPal to: jon@jrinaldipipes.com                               This Beauty Has Been SOLD                   This bugger is 6-1/2″ long, for further spec’s email me

LittleShopOfHorrors-293x300 copy

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Completed Pipe and Stand Set

Here is a different version of my Christmas Set; this was made for a client in NY. The top plate of the stand is Masur Birch, bottom is Zicicoto. Next month I will start another for a client, I have to shop around for different wood combinations for that stand, and a slight change in design. A Bamboo pipe with a different design will stay, but a tamper will be added. Lots of work, but very gratifying.





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