Emmy’s Tails of the day


“License to Smoke”

“Emmy enjoys a relaxing smoke despite the new tax on her favorite tobacco”

All of you who rushed to buy your favorite tobaccos before the new tax kicked in, are not alone. My master ordered his, and mine.

It is clear to me as a pipe-smoking member of the K9 family, that some of you humans have waged an obscene war on the once honored tradition of smoking tobacco. It seem to me that You folks no longer have the freedom of choice. You can no longer choose to smoke or not smoke. Smoking has become a criminal act, like pooping on the neighbor’s lawn or something! Humans must not be smart enough to choose for themselves! Your Government must no longer trust you. What did you do? Dig a hole through Congress?

The next pleasure in question will be that glass of brandy my master sometime enjoys with his pipe. It seems strange to me, (in my doggy mind),that my master could choose to have a drink of alcohol, but not a puff from his pipe in public! Your rights as humans are being eroded, in my humble opinion. My owner told me that America meant, Life, Liberty, and The pursuit of Happiness. I guess your all knowing Government will tell you how to be happy. The Liberty part will be “On Leash Only “

Take it from a dog who knows, freedom is by far the most important ingredient to life.

Happiness can not exist on a leash.

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