From the Bench

First I must give my apologies for not adding new pipes to my web site and to have a lacks blog.  The truth be said, I have been extremely busy.  Between the Columbus, Richmond, and the West Coast show next week, all within a four or five week separation, it’s been very time consuming.  However, I do enjoy the shows very much.  I have also been backlogged, and still am with commission work.  This is all good news for me.

I thought I would post a few of the pipes that are on or just off my bench.

This ½ bent freehand looks like it will be my star at the West Coast show.  Simply a super grain; and a very clean block.  I am in the final stages of sanding and so far not a spot of imperfection.  The stem still has to be cut, and it has an insert of Mammoth Ivory.


This Lumberman was a commission and is on its way to Germany.  My client liked the Lumberman # 0190-09 (is now at home in Paris France) on my web site and wanted one just like it.  I think it looks pretty close.


This Billiard was being made for a client, but as I was nearing completion, decided he wanted a larger longer pipe.  This billiard would have been a terrific smooth, however, the grain was just perfect to show off a beautiful blast.  This block was very clean, no pits at all, so I kept a natural finish.  This one will accompany me to Las Vegas next week along with the next one.


The last one is a Rhodesian shape with a beautiful birds eye rim, gently sandblast with a band of Mammoth Ivory and horn, the stem is hand cut Cumberland


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