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Last month I showed this horn shape nearing completion, well here it is!  Finished, a beautiful straight grain on the sides, with birds eye on the top and bottom.  The shank has an olive wood extension and the stem is ebonite.  I am extremely happy with the completed pipe.

Many freeform shape pipes don’t fit in regular pipe rests, I took note that many will try to lean the pipe on an object or lye it down only to have ashes spill onto the table.  With a horn shape pipe it is virtually impossible to do anything but lay it down.  So of course the answer is a pipe rest made specifically for the pipe, and here it is.

I will be offering the set for sale in a short time on our web site.  It has a western look with; I think a touch of formality.  The pipe rest is made of briarroot, the peg holding the stem is a briarwood branch, and the tamper is of olive wood, horn, Cumberland bands, and a brass foot.  As you can see the Olive wood on the tamper matches the olive wood extension on the pipe.  I thought it kind-a cool to have a hornpipe with a horn head on the tamper; also, it ties the pipe and pipe rest together. Click on each image for a larger view.

horn #1horn #3

horn #4horn #5

Jennifer is ready for the finishing of the shoe pipe holder she’s been working on.  It should be completed early this week and ready to mail to it owner.  She, had a great time with this interesting project I will post the finished shoe later this week.  Have a great 4th; we have much to be grateful for.

shoe #2shoe #3

shoe #1


  1. Jon,
    That is a great looking briar pipe and stand. You should be very proud of your work! Carving hand made pipes is truly an art, and you are a master craftsman!

  2. Thanks Don,
    I am very proud the way it turned out. It is a fabulously grain piece of briar. Not to mention, it sold very quickly.

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