A Navajo set from the Bench

pipe3I started off to craft a squat tomato shape, and in deed I did.  A nice straight shank about 5-1/2” long.  I liked it so much I thought it might be cool to make a set of two squat tomato’s.  So I made a twin just about the same size only a 1/4 bent.  They both have my “Navaho Basket Weave” rustication with a Terra Cotta ebonite stem.  Take a look my two pride and joy’s.




Jennifer being a wonderful creative carver said … I think a special stand would be perfect to have the two pipes rest on.  Some of you might remember me mentioning that before moving to the Tucson area we lived in north Scottsdale.  We bordered on the Tonto National Forest were a number of years ago there was a fire that destroyed many acres of the forest.  Left behind were many dead Ironwood trees.  Nature is just magical, during the monsoon season the desert just comes alive with beautiful desert flowers and many varieties of cactus.  Jennifer and I would ride our horses through this area, we would marvel at the wonderful shapes and color of the ill-fated trees.  We had permission to pick up pieces of ironwood as long as we don’t use a chain saw.  We gathered many pieces that we used in carvings over the last five years.  You can see some of the pipe stands on our Exotic Pipe Stand page of our web site.



Having only a few pieces left we decided to make a stand with the ironwood for my two squat tomato’s.  Here is the finished double set.  There are also images in their unfinished stages.





To be honest with you, I am not sure how I would offer the two pipes and stand.  It truly is a beautiful set, and would love to keep it together. I will be adding this set to my web site for sale in a couple of weeks.  However, I want to take this set to the Columbus show August 29th.  If any one is interested in purchasing the set, please email or call for more information.  I would love to keep it as a set, however, if it doesn’t find a loving home when I get home from Columbus, I will break the set up.

Best Regards,

Jon and Jennifer


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