Past Due on the Bench Update

I am very grateful that I have been quite busy in my shop.  I have been working on commissions that I very much enjoy.  I like working closely with a customer in the personal selection of style, materials, and color.  At the present time I think about 30% of my work are commissions. I am also working on getting some inventory pipes for the Chicago Show next month.  Here are a number of pipes at various stages.

This Cutty didn’t seem to have much in the way of a ring pattern. Boy was I wrong! When I began sandblasting, the pattern began to emerge. It takes hours to find the blast. Each blast is unique to each pipe. This is the blast at stage four. I have begun to dig, and find detail. Total time in blasting on this pipe will be about 3 hours. Then I need to finish the stem.

This poker was exciting from the very start. I knew the blast would be great.

The blast is at at stage two. At stage two on this pipe I used an aggressive grit to define the pattern.  Some pipes never allow me to use aggressive grits. If the wood is pithy, I need to stay with a fine grit, so I do not erase fine detail. At stage three on this pipe, I will go for finer detail.

This nose warmer is at stage one. The ring blast is beginning to appear, but needs to be coaxed from the grain. The blast on this one will be very feathery. This grain will take more time to define, at least three hours.  I will have to stick with finer grits to find all of the detail. These pipes can take twice the time, but it will be worth the effort, and should look great with the silver ring presently covered in tape.

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