Rock Climbing Anyone!

I thought for all you rock climbers out there  you might find this interesting.  This is one of the most interesting projects so far in my pipe-making world.  I was asked if I could make a pipe that would resemble “Devils Tower” in Wyoming.  This is supposedly a rock climbers dream mountain to climb.  Of course I wouldn’t know, I never thought of climbing a mountain, never wanted to climb a mountain, never would consider climbing a mountain, and definitely would not climb a mountain.  That said; my client has a friend that is a rock climber and as a gift would like to have a pipe made that would resemble this mountain.  Pretty cool stuff.  I downloaded an image of Devils Tower.


I must admit, I thought this whole idea was just a little kooky.  But what the heck.  Next Jennie drew a sketch of my client’s vision of this pipe.  The tobacco chamber would have the shape of the Devils Tower and the shank would resemble climber’s rope. “O’Boy” as I looked at the sketch, this idea didn’t look as kooky anymore, as a matter of fact, I was getting a little excited about making this unusual pipe.  Here is the final sketch we settled on.


So let the work begin!  Below are the various stages of work.


At this stage I am loving this project ….


Well, here it is, the finished “Devils Tower Pipe”  What do you think?



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