Something NEW is brewing

Jennifer and I will be offering custom personalized pipe stands.  They are made of clear 1” thick acrylic with oval beveled edges. They will be signed and numbered for each series.  This one below, we are donating to the raffle at the Chicago show, you can see where it is inscribed.  The shank peg has an inserted band of briar at its base with some concave design.  The tamper is of black pearl acrylic; it also has a concave design head of briar stained to match the shank holder and a copper foot.  Also the staining color is the same as the rim of the pipe …. pretty cool.  They will be offered with your chose of exotic wood accents, about five different color shanks pegs and tampers.  We can also add any design you like, etched to the top plate; say a family crest, animals, just about anything you would like.  I will have up for you to view soon a two pipe acrylic rest.  It is on the same order as this one, but is round with actagular multi faceted edges … really nice.  We will be adding a special page on our web site with our new acrylic stands.  We will have a flat pricing for each with an inscription on the side as seen on this one, but as mentioned for a small extra charge we will customize your rest for you.


By the way, the pipe sitting on the stand is my newest creation.  It has an elephant band of ivory and what a fabulous ring blast.  It will be sitting on a stand like the one its on, we are considering offering it as a set at the show.

pipe-stand-copy pipe-stand02-copy1











After our first viewing of our new pipe rest in Chicago, we decided to add a deep green or black bottom to all our rest.  (Your Choice)  We sold a couple but receive constructive comments about the clear bottom. So, we agree, we think the color bottoms add even more richness. We would love to have your input. 
























We hope to have our new pipe rests available on our web site, as early as next week.  Please check back.



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