Received the Acorn…….!!!!….This is indeed a special pipe….a lot of work here, Jon !!!
The bowl, superb ring grain blast, the smooth stem, the bit-to-stem fit-up, etc. A real beauty, my friend!
And the bowl is actually larger than one might think by just looking at the
size of the pipe. Mixed textures. Great!

Thanks for the Smoker’s Haven “Best Blend”….One of my favorites!

And best to you and your wife and family for a great Holiday season.


Another “Dear Jon” letter, but the good kind: Your pipe arrived just in time for me to enjoy over the holidays and it is certainly a beauty, which comes as no surprise to me as each of your several pipes that I own is both elegant in design and flawless in crafting. Best wishes to you and your family for the holidays, and may you stay in good health so you can keep furnishing us with lovely creations.

Todd L. Platek
Berkeley Heights, NJ

Hi Jon,

Received the Nosewarmer Panel…….Perfect for me in every way….Will use it as a travel pipe, along with other nosewarmers; best type to travel with as they are small and sturdy (won’t break!)…..I like the Bakelite bit as well; neat!!! Thanks also for the pipe cleaners and the Smokers Haven Best ‘baccy, which is one of my favorites. Take care, buddy……Mark

Houston, Texas

Hi Jon,

I just received my Oom-Paul pipe today. It is absolutely beautiful. The stain and rustication really shine, and the measurements and feel are spot on. Even the lack of weight is surprising. It is a smallish pipe to be sure, but the bowl is roomy enough to suggest a much heavier nose-warmer. I cannot thank you enough, Jon.
Most sincerely yours,
Casca, Monterey, CA

Good Morning Jon

The pipe arrived safely yesterday. I have never been disappointed in the smoking qualities of your pipes; this one is no exception. By size it is a bit of a departure for me. I sense a sea change in pipe sizes currently being crafted…smaller thicker pipes, and I’ve joined the band wagon.

Two bowls finished and as always an effortless draw. It’s easy to like this one.


Hello Jon,

Another GREAT pipe, it is exactly what I wanted, love the blast and smooth combo. This is my fifth J.Rinaldi pipe and everyone is perfectly engineered, “no light to be seen between shank and bit” and beautifully designed. Thank you again, God Bless.

Allen Edwards,
Montréal, Canada.

Hi Jon,

This latest pipe is beautiful! It fits my large hands perfectly and smokes very nicely. I love the thick walls. Thanks much for the ironwood. I’ll have to go dig my tools out of storage. Truly this is my favorite pipe, just perfect.

Thank you.

John L.
New Mexico

Hi Jon,

I have smoked several bowls now and the Hawkbill is a fantastic smoker. It feels great in my hand and all the guys in our Pipe Club thinks it is a
wonderful pipe. As you say she is a beauty. Continued success in all your pipe carving activities. You make a great pipe.

All The Best,
Terry, Ohio

Hi Jon,

I received my bamboo pipe and stand set today.

First, thank you many times over.

The set is EXQUISITE! I love every single element of it, and am especially taken by your transition from the shank to the bowl. You are quite the artist!

And, you ain’t half bad as a craftsman when it comes to packing, either.

Words don’t satisfactorily express my joy or appreciation,

Pawling, New York

Hello Jon,

Just a note of thanks for this beautiful chestnut color bent Billiard. As you said, it is classic, eloquent, and I love it. I can’t believe how lightweight it is, truly a pleasure to smoke.

Best to you,
Alexandria, Virginia

Jon….Received the set. Fantastic! The shaping of the pipe is really nice, like a nice tear-drop. The stand and pipe go together beautifully. I especially like the plate of swirled ebonite on the stand. Your nameplate on the bottom is very nicely done as well; thanks! I am really glad I acquired this from you, Jon. A great addition to my collection. Hope you and your family have a great Holiday Season.

Houston, Texas


Let me say that I am truly impressed with the pipe. The fit and finish is top notch and the blast work incredible. It will be hard for me to put a match to this.Thanks for the tobacco. Also do you have any more of the stem material? Would you consider a matching tamper?

Thanks again…Joe

Hi Jon,

It’s been about six weeks since I receive this beautiful apple you made for me. You exceeded my expectations, smokes great; it is a perfect weight for me, and just love the feel. The blast is the best I have seen, thank you for a well-done job.

Alex Walters
San Francisco, CA.

Hi Jon,

I received my new pipe yesterday and I must congratulate you for a superb piece of work. From functionality to sheer artistry this pipe meets the highest standards. Many Thanks.

Brighton, MA.

Jon………Received the Stallion-grade pipe today. This is an excellent piece !!! Great grain, great shaping, nice and large, the “metallic” bit material really matches the pipe perfectly, and the ferrule is a perfect complement……Excellent work, my friend !!! And thanks for the tobacco….I am a Virginia smoker so you sent me a perfect match.

Houston, TX.

Hi Jon,

I received my pipe on Friday, what a beauty. The shape and size is exactly what I asked for; and the color is perfect with the caramel stem. Thank you, from know on I will only have you make a custom pipe for me.

Best to you my friend,

San Francisco, CA.

Hello Jon,

Just a note to let you know how pleased I am with this beautiful Canadian pipe you made special for me. It is perfect, the measurements, blast and color, couldn’t ask for more. I specially love the Vintage Bakelite bit. It is my first custom pipe from you and will not be my last. Thanks for a great job.

Henry G.
Bennington, VT.

Hey Jon,

I don’t feel bad about taking this fifth J.Rinaldi Pipe. Every one of your newsletter subscribers had a shot at it and they let this beauty go. This beehive Acorn is the best of the lot. The rosewood colored pipe is a show presentation, it sits prominently on my mantle, un-smoked and will stay that way. Jon, the true criteria for a pipe is balance, and this pipe is not close to perfect, it is perfect. Every line and shape balances out. I don’t believe that all but a few people, of which some are probably carvers, could see that. They just don’t have the eye or training to appreciate the line. So now what? Fire, no fire, fire, no fire?


Hi Jon,

I received the pipes today, Oh My Oh My. I still love my original choice but the beige sandblast is the world’s classiest pipe. My mother who was a professional abstract artist and quite well established, and her friends used to have a joking way of saying something in art was right on (referring to the execution of the work). “Good taste”. Man that’s good taste. Simple and Elegant. I am more them pleased.

Thanks again the pipes are perfectly stunning.

Best Neal,
Oceanside, NY

Dear Jon,

Pipe #05 came in the mail yesterday. A Masterpiece! The crem de la crem of pipes!
A supreme expression of the ART OF THE PIPE! A jewel in the crown.

Thank you,

Dear Jon,

My pipe arrived yesterday. I opened the package and was happy to receive
A sample bag of tobacco with my pipe. I’ve smoked a bowl and like the taste. I had
visited your pipe gallery every day to look at my purchase and thought I
knew what I was getting. Not so! I was blown away at the art object in the
leather bag. Your creations have to be viewed in person. No photograph
can record what the senses do when holding and smoking a perfect
blend of form and function. She is an outstanding smoke and a 2-match

I will be buying all my future pipes from you. I am so happy to have
discovered you.

Joseph Richardson,
Corona, CA.

Hi Jon,

My pipe arrived a couple days ago. Simply stunning. The blast is superlative and the burl wood contrasts beautifully with the black stain. I had been looking for a blasted pipe for a while, perusing the works of many master blasters. The detailed work on this pipe holds its ground against any that I have seen and exceeds all of them in value. I could not be happier about this purchase.


P.S.Thanks for the Blackwoods Flake, it will make a wonderful first smoke!

Hello Jon,

Your pencil shank (no. 406) came in the mail last week and I would be smoking it a lot more if that rustication you put on the wood wasn’t so exquisite! I spend a lot of time just holding it and admiring your exemplary craftsmanship!

The care and love you forge into each pipe (I proudly own five Rinaldi originals now!) Is expressed with every perfect smoke and in the beautiful details of the wood you use! These are truly one-of-a-kind designs!

The pencil shank pipe (my most recent acquisition) is light, and very solid…a great marriage of qualities that make smoking him a great pleasure! The bowl is generous for a shorter pipe and so far, have been able to go through a full bow without any relights! And the rustication is just magic!

I have purchased several of your pieces this year so far, and am always amazed at the perfect smoking qualities of your pipes. They are (still!) the only pipes I reach for, either for a prolonged reading session with my dogs snoozing under my chair, or for a quick morning wake-up smoke with my coffee!!

Visually, it’s as though you held up each chunk of raw briar and let the pipe tell you what it wanted to be! I have a decent collection (about 20) of other brands of pipes; yours are exceptionally unique in the fact that there is no extra material or wasted space: I call that ‘perfect integrity’.

God speed and keep up the great work, Jon!

Joe Sullivan


First off–HAPPY THANKSGIVING in advance! I hope and pray all is well with you and your family.

I just had to write and extend my appreciation of your work: I am very picky and particular about my pipes, and none of the ones I have so far has been the ‘perfect’ pipe…that is until I got yours!

As you know, that beautiful Prince I commissioned from you came in great condition and quite honestly, has been my No. 1 ‘go to’ pipe.
It is the second of two of your pipes that I own, and since I discovered your web site, I can honestly say you are the only pipe maker I will continue to collect pieces from no matter what! (and I have pipes all the way from Denmark, Japan, Italy to America!)

First off-the Prince is perfectly balanced. I have it with me for yard work, reading…heck, this is the pipe I am taking camping with me–it is sturdy and consistently smokes perfectly-whether my tobacco is still overly-moist or of a dryer type. My new carrying pouch for all my pipe accoutrements has two permanent residents: both of them Rinaldi pipes!

The bit on my pipes were obviously selected by a true pipe lover, making for a perfect draw without being to wide or large.
You even included that beautiful antique silver piece for the mount at no extra charge: thanks!

Being a lover of woodworking in general and pipes in particular, I especially appreciate the quality of the briar used on both my pipes–just gorgeous–nice and thick (my bowls never feel hot, even towards the finish of a large bowl. I end up spending as much time admiring the wood as I do puffing on the pipes!!

The world-class customer service and friendship you have extended to me has earned you a permanent customer and fan. I can’t wait to see your next ‘Stallion’ grade pieces. I am definitely planning on purchasing one from you!

Thanks again!


First off: WOW….!

Dear Jon,

All is wonderful here-hope this letter finds you in good health and spirits.

You were so correct to pick that particular collar! It really adds the ‘classic character’ that I always lean towards in collecting pipes (and so hard to come by without paying ‘collectors’ pricing, by the way!)


As you know, we are so fortunate to live in this state, and to have my very own ‘original’ pipe from you when ‘pipe season’ is just starting is a double blessing for me. (I was expecting it to be ready in a month or two–and your promptness with my order is very appreciated and will not be forgotten.)

I look forward to seeing the video: but judging by the beautiful shots you took of my “Prince”, I would say: if it’s ready to ship, I have my new tin of Seattle Pipe Club’s “Plumb Pudding” ready to be opened!

P.S. …I have sent your website’s link to all and any in my family who love good pipes with my highest recommendations.


Joe Sullivan
Tempe, AZ

Mr. Rinaldi,

I have lived with your wonderful pipe I purchased from Iwan/ries for over a month now.

I have about 15 really good pipes from all over–yours is hands down the one I will NEVER let go of–I would trade all of my others first to keep yours….

The balance is perfect. the wood’s thickness is perfect: this pipe allows all of the good qualities of my tobacco to express themselves fully.

I honestly just LOOK at this piece and wonder: ‘how did he do it?”

p.s..I am very interested in having you make a pipe for me, if you are interested and your schedule allows.

Your fan,

John Sullivan

Hello Jon,

Sorry, I could not contact you yesterday as my Computer was DOWN!!!!

Monday evening, I smoked the new pipe you sent.

Just a great pipe!!! Absolutely love it, my third Rinaldi pipe. Just wondering what you will come up with next for me???

Please let me know when you get are ready to start.

Best regards.
Smoke in peace.

Quebec, Ca.

Hi Jon,

The pipe arrived safe & sound today. This little brandy is a beauty, it looks even better in person, and it has a great hand feel too!I don’t think anyone puts out as perfect a finish as you do, the pipe just glows! If it sounds as though I’m pleased, it’s because I am! Kudos to you both!

Good luck on that panel pipe! 😉

Thanks so much, see you in June,


Grandview, MO

Hi Jon,

We hope you and Jennifer are well. Last night the pipe was waiting for me in my mailbox. The pipe is absolutely gorgeous. The sweeping lines are quite attractive. I like the looks of the grain on this sandblast, very nice. The blue insert sets the pipe apart from others, it draws your attention to the pipe, very attractive. Thank you for an exquisite pipe. Thank you also for the sample tobacco. I will be “test driving” it this weekend.

Thank you again for a wonderful pipe.

Lakeside, Ca.

Hi Jon,
Earlier today the postman delivered Pipe #243 I purchased recently, the Package was in perfect condition. Nice box and a superb pipe. I am really pleased. Thai Customs did not open the package for inspection or charge me an import fee. I was surprised to see the flake tobacco sample you sent with my pipe. Thanks a bunch. I think it will be awhile before I light up this new pipe. It’s a beauty.Whenever you can make me another #248 Poke is fine with me, I look forward to adding it to my other “Rinaldi Pipes”. I’ll have you ship it here to Thailand so I don’t have to wait for my next visit to the U.S.Well done, Jon. I look forward to the next one.Tony Tucker,
Muaklek, Thailand
Hello Jon,
Your interpretation and skilled carving of a corn cob pipe made in a fine Italian briar is — in a word — outstanding!! Everything about this pipe — to the unique shape and beautifully-aged finish to the crisp draw — is brilliant. I could not be more pleased with this commission…you have made my day. Thank you for such a wonderful pipe which I am sure I will treasure for many years.Sincerely,
Houston, Texas
Hello Jon and Jennifer,
Tonya and I really enjoyed meeting and chatting with you at the West Coast Pipe Show in Las Vegas. The two pipes that I bought, 0229-10 and 0224-10 Bent Apple, are fantastic! The 0229-10 has smooth graceful lines and beautiful grain. The 0224-10 Bent Apple also has graceful lines, and a wonderful blast. the Bent Apple also fills my hand very comfortably. Both are great smokers.Thank you, for two fantastic pipes.Tim, Nevada
Hello Jon,
I am really enjoying the pipe I got from you. You should know it is the nicest pipe I got at the CORPS show and frankly one of the best pipes in my collection.The grain and the birds eye is outstanding, the briar is very light and the carving is exquisite.I am always interested in collecting pipes from American pipe carvers, since that is the focus of my collection, however, your work is simply stunning. I really can’t think of another way to put it.I look forward to seeing your future creations.Robin, Richmond, VA.
Hi Jon,
Received the pipe and the stand today; excellent. Nice pipe in the hand as you say; I like the white stem, the band and the blast. Good work!Regards,
Mark, Houston, Texas
Hi Jen!
It’s about a quarter to five and I just received and unwrapped the pipe stand. It’s awesome! Love the whimsical carving, which makes it look almost as if it grew into that shape. No machine-turned radiuses (radii?) that would make it look mass-produced. The curves roll forth in a natural way, and the finish is positively the smoothest I have ever felt. You can see the smoothness of the finish, but you have to run your fingers over it to comprehend just how silky it really is. And without varnish, shellac, artificial sealer, etc. It’s the kind of hand-rubbed finish you just don’t see anymore.The stand fits the pipe as if it were MADE for it! (That’s a joke; don’t take offense.) Seriously, the pipe just snugs down in the recess perfectly. Total, custom-made job.The Myrtle worked out beautifully too. Love the veins of light and dark that appear everywhere through it. Many thanks!I know it’ll be a long time before you get to it, but I’m sending the lion castings and one of the pipe. It, too, is a bent Dublin shape; not so different from this one. The “pipe” I cast in plaster is just the bottom of the bowl and most of the shank – I simply made a mold of the part that will contact the pipe rest, basically.Again Jen, many many thanks for the countless hours of painstaking work. Big, big payoff in beauty and quality!Best,
Hello Jon,

Just a brief Note to let you know, that your Pipe arrived at my place this morning. It is a really amazing pipe in a great color with a fabulous ring grain. I’m sure, that it will make a superb addition to my regular rotation. Thank you also for the sample of tobacco enclosed with it. (0210-10)

Best regards. Smoke in peace.

A Few Day Later

“Another short note, Jon”

The pipe smokes great and is extremely comfortable in the mouth.

I am looking forward to a smooth, but take your time, so it comes out as good as this one!!!

Best regards. Smoke in peace.

Quebec, Canada

Dear Jon,

I received your pipe this weekend. I’ve only had a chance to smoke it a few times, but I can see it is well engineered and will be an excellent smoker. It is also very beautiful. It is a very good piece of wood with a good straight grain. I have been smoking and collecting pipes for over 50 years and have the good fortune to own hundreds of pipes. I am a very discriminating collector and have examined thousands of pipes. I only add special pipes to my collection. This pipe will stay in my collection.

For me, a great pipe has to have the following qualities:

Beautiful shape
Excellent workmanship
Careful engineering
Quality materials
That “certain something” – the touch of an artist that makes the whole more than the sum of its parts

This pipe has all of those qualities. Congratulations on producing a “work of art” that also works. (#0201-10)

If you have a list of people you notify of new pieces, please add me.

Thanks again,
Steve, PA.

PS- I’ll be attending a meeting of the Christopher Morley Pipe Club in Philadelphia this week and will be proudly showing everyone this new pipe.

Hi Jon,
I got my pipe this afternoon, it smokes divinely! Nice little snowstorm here, I had a nice time under the carport slowly puffing and watching the snow fall. I love the rustication and looks too, it’s just what I have been looking for. Thanks for the sample of tobacco also, I will give it a spin. pipe-0202.Thanks!Dave, Cincinnati, OH.
Hello Jon,
I just wanted to say how happy I am right now. This pipe is absolutely breathtaking. The shape and feel in the hand is perfect. So too is the mouthpiece which I strongly believe is superior to any of the “premium” pieces I currently own. And, of course, the finish is outstanding. It shines like porcelain! Pipe commission2.Not only have you crafted a pipe to the specifications of my original, you also vastly exceeded my expectations. I would have sent you an emailed earlier this afternoon when I first unpacked it. But I was so taken by its looks; I just had to straight away load it with the tobacco you sent (which, by the way, was delicious – thank you very much).Now, after having enjoyed the full experience of my new “Rinaldi”, I can honestly say that this Oom Paul is the finest pipe to date in my collection. Thank you again for the time and talent you put into it.I hope you might consider doing other commissioned pieces, perhaps in a few months. I’m a great lover of Oom Paul’s, as well as most nose-warmers or full-bents, and I would very much like to have a variety of them.Again, my many thanks to you, and best wishes for the New Year,Casca,
Monterey, CA.
Greetings Jon,
Sorry I haven’t gotten back to you sooner, but I’ve been in & out of town. The new bent bamboo that you sent is just beautiful, like the last one I purchased. The smoke hole is perfectly at the bottom of the bowl, it draws beautifully. Pipe-#0196-09.php. I’m smoking Britt’s Balkan that you sent. I like it. I told Rich at 4 Noggins that I was ordering his tobacco per your recommendation.I was at the local pipe & cigar shop the other day and one of the guys thought it was a $1,100.00 pipe that he saw on the web. Yah, the pipe looks that good, and smokes just as good too.Thanks for a superb job Jon,Merry Christmas to you and your family,
Mike Parkes, Ohio
Hello Jon,
I’m so glad I came across your website. Pipe #0191-09 arrived in the mail today It is absolutely beautiful. I’ll load it up after dinner tonight with the 4 Noggins Bald Headed Teacher that you sent along with the pipe.Your professional photography of your pipes really shows through on your web site.Thank you for such an outstanding pipe.Thanks from a happy customer,
Mike Parkes, OhioP.S. – I smoked a bowl last night and one this morning. Jon your pipe smokes great. The smoke hole is opened just right in the stem and shank for a nice easy draw.The 4 Noggins that you sent along is lovely, good flavor and mild. A test that I make for mildness is to blow the smoke through my nose to see if it burns. No burn with Bald Headed Teacher.

Your website looks to be sold out of your other pipes.

Hi Jon,
I’m sorry it took so long to let you know how much I’m enjoying your pipe. The wood quality is superior to any other of the pipes I have, which is around 50 plus pipes. I am very pleased with the way it evenly burns the tobacco, also I have given your web site to a few of my friends that have liked this pipe. The mouthpiece is also very comfortable and well designed. I’m looking forward for the next full bend pipe you design for me. Thank you for the tobacco sample you (sent, and) I already ordered some. Take care, hope to do business with you soon.Thank you,
Carlos Acanda, Miami, Fl
Dear Jon,
I can honestly say that it was truly a pleasure meeting you at the Columbus show.I am the individual who graciously admired your passion, the willingness to educate me about your craft and was welcomed the privilege to handle your beautiful artwork. Hands down, you where by far my favorite artisan. Your work makes me feel very fortunate to be a part of the pipe smoking/collecting community. One day, I have high hopes of enjoying my own J Rinaldi pipe.Individuals like yourself inspire me to continue to become a life long learner and to constantly pursue my personal commitments. The quality and attention to detail of your pipes definitely reflect this.Thank you so much for your contributions to this wonderful art.Take care,
Matt Riegle
Two Jon Rinaldi pipes arrived in the same postal delivery (0179-09 & 0183-09). Definitely a calendar day and writing this testimonial praising their design and easy smokability will be easy. Both are black sandblasts, one a commission and the other a quarter bent bulldog purchased the moment I saw it on the website. They are simply terrific.

The commissioned piece is a wonderfully lightweight, easy smoker (from the first bowl) that reflects Jon’s original and sculptural skills with a combination of materials that visually make perfect sense. The join of the stem to the body of the pipe is extraordinary and seamless. It is invisible.The quarter bent bulldog is a stunner. It features Jon’s Navajo blast which, to me, subtly mimics the adobe brickwork seen in ancient Southwest Native American architecture. As I said, the effect is subtle, definitely not overwhelming, and the pipe is one of the most elegant interpretations of a classic shape I know. Perfect simplicity of form is very difficult to achieve, but the doing it makes for a treasure. Jon has done it.

Jonathan Green
Englewood, N.J.

Sir Jon,

A note that I receive my pipe (#167-09) a few days ago, and I must say that my first impression was a very gratifying one. As much as I love how wonderful your pipes look in the pictures on you web site, this pipe looks even better in person. Also, I smoked a few bowls and every one was a treat. I am very pleased and I know I will acquire another soon.

Andre Broache
Paris, France

Hi Jon,

I thought I would write you a note and tell you how much I am enjoying the pipes and the matching stands that I purchased from you and Jennifer.

In the few months since I contacted you from your add in Cowboy’s and Indians, I received 3 new pipes and matching stands and truly can not decide which one I like the most.

I would also like to thank you for refinishing the 20-year-old pipes I sent you. They look brand new.

I can’t wait to see what my next pipe will look like.

Thanks Again,
Yardley, PA.

Hi Jon,
What a pipe… I am thinking as I hold it in my hand… and I do not smoke a pipe!!!! Yes am the kook who asked for this unusual creation. To say that I am pleased is an understatement. As my request for this design transpired I was not sure how my ideas would be put to wood with Jon’s artistic license. After the first sketch was presented for approval I knew we were on the same page. Then came the roughed out image of the bowl and stem. We discussed a color scheme and what you see is the finished product. Jon is quite an artesian and it shows in the fine detail you cannot see with the pictures here. The detail in the bowl makes you imagine where you would set your anchors to attempt your climb, then there is the detail in the rope stem…Jon could start another trade by hand checkering the grade (four) and better English walnut shotgun stocks on finest English guns by the example he showed on the detailed individual strands of fiber he carved in making the “climber’s rope” Pipe stem.Jon is quite a pipe maker. I am sure there is a more complimentary term for his trade but in any regards he is quite a master…give Jon an idea…he will come through for you as he did for me.Ted Paffrath
Owatonna, MN.
Thank you Ted, making the “Devil’s Tower Pipe” was a fun project. I look forward to hearing from your friend that you had this unusual pipe made for.
Hello Jon,
I was just browsing through your web site as I do quite often, smoking my latest J Rinaldi pipe, a terrific Volcano I purchased from you in Chicago, I suddenly felt embarrassed after I looked at your testimonial page. As a customer who has many of your wonderful pipes, and enjoy every one of them, I never expressed to you the pleasure it is to have such a nice relationship with you and Jennifer. As you know I have a large collection of pipes, many from some of the great masters. I think your pipes smoke as well if not better then most of them. I am particularly happy with the pipes that you custom made for me; you seem to read my thoughts in a design I might have in mind. I might also add that Jennifer’s pipe stands are truly a work of art; they all have prominent places in my den and office. Well my friend, I feel better now… Keep up the great work and I look forward to my next J Rinaldi pipe.Marion Riley
Nottingham, MD.
Hi Jon,
Just a quick note to let you know I smoked the pipe I purchased from you Saturday at the Chicago Show. I only had to light it 3 times, which is the fewest I’ve ever had to light a new pipe, excellent smoker.Tom Keenan
Hello Jon,
I just had to write you to let you know how pleased I am with my latest acquisition from you. As you know I bought my first pipe from you about a year ago; it is one of the favorites in my rotation. However this new pipe is outstanding. You take great pictures but this pipe looks even better in my hand. Over the year of looking at your pipes, I must say I see such growth in your creative design; your pipes have a nice combination of materials and have a pleasing flow to them. Keep up the GREAT work. I look forward to seeing you at the Las Vegas Show.Best Wishes,
Ned Miller
Dear Jon,
As a collector of a few of your pipes, I thought it a good time to write you a testimonial.I have been a pipe smoker for many years, and in that time have smoked many pipes from other very recognized artisans. Yours are defiantly my favorite. All of your pipes have a wonderful feel and balance and I love your use of materials. I always look forward to your update letters; keep them coming. I am waiting for your next bamboo shank with a sandblast!Sincerely,
Brett Baker
Calumet, Illinois
Hello Jon,
I received the pipe yesterday. I am so pleased with the result! You were right about the grain of this beauty. It is perfect all the way around! The bird’s eye on the rim is magnificent. The pictures you sent me, could not have done this pipe justice!I am waiting until Saturday to begin breaking her in. I have the perfect tobacco & port to enjoy. Thanks again for all of your help in designing this pipe for me.Regards,
Robert Cummings
Saratoga, Wyoming
Dear Jon,
Thanks very much for sending out The GIANT. When it arrived, I knew it was just my speed. It’s HUGE, but incredibly graceful. The long stem almost reminds me of a churchwarden, but that huge,chunky bowl is massive. This is a perfect pipe for a big guy like me.I wanted to wait until I could sit for a while, with no interruptions, for the first smoke. I was very impressed. The pipe smoked cool and sweet from the very first puff. It’s a beautiful piece of carving, and will occupy a place of honor in my collection. Even though it’s large, the pipe is feather-light, and I could easily imagine smoking it all day long. It just hangs there…perfectly balanced in my mouth. My other pipe-puffing buddies are impressed, and I’m hoping that they will get in touch with you to order their own pipes.For those of you who don’t know the story, I found Jon by reading a testimonial he left on the Boswell web site. I noticed we shared the same name (only an “h” in the first name sets us apart). I dropped him a line to introduce myself, and say it’s a small world that there are two pipe-loving Jo(h)n Rinaldis. We began a correspondence, and this culminated in my partner purchasing my first Jon Rinaldi pipe. It will definitely not be my last.I’ll keep my eye on your web site for new pipes, or perhaps we’ll do a special piece, since you know my taste for large pipes.Thanks for being a complete pleasure to work with, Jon. In addition to being a wonderful craftsman, you are an all-around good guy and I’m glad to know you.With Warmest Regards,
John Rinaldi
Hello Jon,
I received my pipe and pipe rest (#012-08) as a Christmas gift from my son along with a beautiful letter. This set has a place of honor in our living room, as they are both pieces of great workmanship. I am enjoying a renewed interest in pipe smoking. Thank you for working with him to create such a memorable Christmas gift. And Jon, I was impressed with the way the pipe smoked on the first use!William Snyder
Williston, FL
Hi Jon,
Just a quick note to let you know that I brought in the new year with that lovely pipe #0010-07 which recently arrived for my birthday. I’ve had nothing but fine, cool smokes from day one, and I can’t be more pleased with the look and feel of this pipe. The colors and shape are so unique that it really sets itself apart. It also fits nicely in the pipe stand Jennifer sculpted #011-08. Who knew there were pipe stands out there that doubled as fine art sculptures? Together they are a wonderful combination that bring me pleasure every day. Thank you both for these wonderful works of art.Sincerely,
Olie Sylvester
I received my new pipe today (#118-08). What a outstanding pipe and it smokes to nice and Jon thanks for The Cumberland by G.L. Pease, love it. Your site is a wonderful place to come and buy a pipe. See you again soon.

Teddy, Wilmington, DE

Dear Jon,
I received my pipe (#122-08) today and I couldn’t be happier! The grain and styling are beautiful. The use of different woods something I have not seen on any other pipe.And… This pipe feels like it was made for my hand. Simply amazing! I am relatively new to pipe collecting and smoking, but this was truly a relaxing and enjoyable pipe to smoke and hold, start to finish. I would (and will) recommend your pipes to anyone who wants something unique and truly hand crafted.Sincerely,
Scott Snyder
Cape May, New Jersey
My first Rinaldi pipe is listed on Jon’s website as a bulldog (shape). More accurately I own a mastif! The committment to craft is obvious as the construction is flawless, and the grain is stunning all the way up the bowl to the birds eye on the wide rim. Remarkably lightweight for such a large pipe.

Okay, so it’s a gorgeous piece of craftsmanship, and a big burly chunky hunk of manly pipe. But how does it smoke? I ain’t a pipe collector, I’m a pipe smoker. To own such a pipe and not smoke it to me would be unthinkable. No, it would be unfathomable.

It is as pleasing and satisfying to smoke as it is to look at. So far, the results have been excellent after a bit of adjustment to the way I fill so large a bowl. My hand just wants to grip that big comfortable bowl which stays invitingly warm throughout a long relaxing smoke. This was my Birthday pipe….I already have my Christmas pipe picked out!

Thanks Jon……

Gregg Moore,
Mount Vernon, WA.

Hello friends and pipe admirers,

I have got some words about Jon Rinaldi Pipes…not just to recommend Jon’s pipes as nice-looking and elegant, but would like to say more…

I met Jon on his web site and asked for a pipe as a regular customer. Jon reserved-it for me and sent it oversea. I received the pipe in the best condition with a sample of tobacco. Every pipe-smoker can imagine how happy I was when touching-it for the first time. It /she is relaxing after I first smoke it.

I can and would like to recommend Jon’s pipes; Jon Rinaldi Brand is easy to smoke and has friendly customer service. The same I would like to say about his wife, Jen, because she is giving a woman’s charm to Jon’s pipes when finishing them.

Thank You Friend And Best Regards, my pleasure to say that I am satisfied.

Pat Peacoq
Czech Republic

I buy and sell high grade pipes. Recently Jon made a large ball shape pipe for me. It is one of my favorite pipes! Jon has the skill and a love for making pipes that I believe, places him among Americas best Pipe Carvers. His use of extra high grade briar helps give his pipes a smoking quality that you will admire and remember.”
Bruce Plumb, Oregon
I met Jon at the Phoenix Pipe Show before he started making his own pipes. We kept in touch. When he began making pipes, he sent me pictures. I could not resist. I am the proud owner of 3 Rinaldi Pipes! All of them works of art and great smokers too!
John Albrecht – Houston, Texas
Jon and I met at the Chicago Pipe Show in 2007. At that time, Jon was just beginning his odyssey into the world of pipe making. Over the summer he kept me apprised of his progress through emails & pictures. It wasn’t long before I found one I couldn’t live without. I am anxious to see your next sandblasted pipe!
Thanks for a wonderful smoke,
Terry Brooks – Mesa, Arizona
Dear Jon,
I received the Pipe today, right on time. My favorite tobacco came yesterday in the mail, so the timing was perfect. I could hardly wait to fill the bowl. I was not disappointed. The feel of that pipe in my hand is the perfect end to my day. Please put me on your mailing list. I look forward to seeing your next pipes.
Sam Porfido – New Jersey
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